Thursday, November 10, 2011

bring it on.

long story short, i will be moving to maryland next semester and it slowly hitting me. hard.
it was such a long process of fear, nerves, and uncertainty, but throughout it all I simply prayed for peace [but not fully believing it will come]. silly me for doubting God, I am not sure when I will learn my lesson. 

all this being said. I am moving to maryland in january and not only am I at peace with it, I am thrilled. I am excited for adventure, for new experiences, and I plan to take this opportunity and do all that I can do with it. Yes, I will be leaving Clemson, but that is the only downfall.

how silly of me to be remotely upset or concerned. God has literally opened every door and shown me that this is truly what he wants me to do. even in maryland I will be surrounded by people i know and love, and i can not wait to take every adventure possible. 

let's just say I don't plan on having any boring weekends next semester. I have promised myself to do something new and exciting every weekend. 

and to top it all off, I get to spend the semester with my boyfriend, and boyfriend and I haven't been in a ten hour radius of each other for a very long time [a year and a half to be exact]. perfection. we get to go on adventures together. oh and might I add, my brother may be in maryland. andddd my best friend travels to DC all the time.

so needless to say, I don't know what i was worried about.

bring it on maryland. see you in january.

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