Friday, October 28, 2011

hello there fall

things i love about what is happening outside:
in Clemson right now, you can literally wear shorts, pants, scarfs, t shirts, tank tops, or jeans and be dressed perfectly for the weather. it really doesn't get any better than that.
i've literally experienced fall for the longest amount of time. i saw fall in roanoke at peak leaves, then asheville at peak, and now in clemson. beautiful.
anything festive, or fall is acceptable. i love me some pumpkin spice latte. 
anything can be themed. we are going on our second halloween themed younglife club. 
mornings in the hammock and a blanket are perfect. 
its not hot. its not cold. its lovely.
holidays are coming.

moral of the story: its beautiful outside where everything is painted with yellows, oranges, and reds.

it will make this weekend of adventures, football, and friends wonderful.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

check, check and check.

fall break could not have been more of a success. 

friday night was spent making a dessert we found, and it turned out beyond perfect. who knew it could actually turn out looking like the picture?!

saturday morning was slow and peaceful. beautiful, i tell you. stephanie and i spent our morning with coffee and [the best] french toast i have ever had and a sweet little bakery in town. then we mountain biked through our afternoon and were surrounded by a beautiful backdrop of fall colored leaves. after, the lake looked so perfect and jump-in-able that we couldn't resist. in we went, clothes and all. all i can say is brrrrr.
we then got ready, and were off to greenville. there, we met up with a friend and went thrifting. not just any thrifting, but thrifting where you could get however many pounds [yes POUNDS] of clothing for a dollar a pound. that, my friends, is perfection. oh the treasures of thrifting. 
fall for greenville filled our evening with delightful food, bands, lights, and fun. on the side, i successfully turned a flannel in to a skirt. yes please.

it was back to our apartment where we built a fort, complete with lights, pillows, and blankets and watched tangled. all i have to say is, scoot on over cinderella and bell, repunzel is the real deal. gosh, what a great movie. well done disney, well done.
then it was time to welcome home our tigers. AT FOUR AM. 7-0 is lovely.

sunday was filled with church, naps, outdoors, and friends. such a needed day of rest. 
monday morning we woke up, and headed off to asheville. we explored, shopped, people watched, and enjoyed the beautiful weather. 

the tuesday morning we woke up, ate breakfast and took a drive down the blue ridge parkway where we hiked two mountains for a breath taking view of God's window. it was prime fall, prime leaves, and perfect weather. we had to refrain from stopping at everryyy singllleee "overlook", but my oh my it was beautiful. 

and finally, we met this sweet old man who told us of an apple orchid. after an hour of searching, we found this gem of a place. we picked baby apples, had a dog show us around, and drank homemade apple cider, and ate fried apple pies and fudge. 
hands down the perfect break filled with beauty, rest, adventure, and happiness.
needless to say, we checked off almost everything off our list. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

to do list.

This is Stephanie and I's to do list for fall break:
A whole lot of fall and a whole lot of break. 
Let the checking off begin. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

this guy.

Over the weekend, I ventured back home to see a very special guy. 
I have not seen Ben since before school started and it was a much needed weekend of smiles, talks, home, fall, and dates. 
It's rather hard to explain how hard it is being away from your best friend, who not only is just "away", but ten hours to be exact, along with rules and regulations due to the United States Navy. so silly. 
But I have learned that each moment is precious with him, because there is slim to none. Goodbyes are still impossible, but I would not have traded this weekend for the world.

what a gem.

fall at home is the most beautiful thing. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

micah 6:8

just another little typography.

what a weekend.

this past weekend could not have been better.
it was filled with home, family, friends, football.
i love the drive home, and the leaves are juuussttt starting to change color. its absolutely beautiful. gosh, ive learned to appreciate the mountains. 
i got to see my grandad on friday night. he's literally the cutest thing ive ever seen and i love him dearly. what a blessing he is to me. 
i headed to virginia tech early saturday morning to meet up with high school friends. hello hidden valley reunion 2011. and it was so great to see everyone. 
the day was spent tailgating, catching up with old friends, and getting looks from all the tech fans about my orange overalls. my simple reply was, "it's like a thing.. a clemson thing."
the game was freezing. like cant move hands, toes hurt, wind blowing freezing.
but my tigers won.
#5-0 #rollrigers. #braggingrights #obsessed #perfection
it was literally the best thing ever to be able to celebrate with so many friends and realize how blessed i am.
also, i realized literally how obsessed i am with clemson. God love it.
high school reunion time :)

so happy.


5-0 babyyyy.
gosh, im so thankful for weekends like this one.