Tuesday, October 4, 2011

what a weekend.

this past weekend could not have been better.
it was filled with home, family, friends, football.
i love the drive home, and the leaves are juuussttt starting to change color. its absolutely beautiful. gosh, ive learned to appreciate the mountains. 
i got to see my grandad on friday night. he's literally the cutest thing ive ever seen and i love him dearly. what a blessing he is to me. 
i headed to virginia tech early saturday morning to meet up with high school friends. hello hidden valley reunion 2011. and it was so great to see everyone. 
the day was spent tailgating, catching up with old friends, and getting looks from all the tech fans about my orange overalls. my simple reply was, "it's like a thing.. a clemson thing."
the game was freezing. like cant move hands, toes hurt, wind blowing freezing.
but my tigers won.
#5-0 #rollrigers. #braggingrights #obsessed #perfection
it was literally the best thing ever to be able to celebrate with so many friends and realize how blessed i am.
also, i realized literally how obsessed i am with clemson. God love it.
high school reunion time :)

so happy.


5-0 babyyyy.
gosh, im so thankful for weekends like this one.

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