Friday, April 6, 2012


well, i am going to africa.

crazy, i know. it all happened becasue i decided one day at work that i wanted to do something with my summer. i essentially have two more summers to do whatever.i.want.
i cant travel the world, i can be a kid, i can get a crazy summer job, i can not worry about the real world.

so, im going to africa to impact and be impacted through working with kids. i think God has placed missions on my heart. for a while i thought everyone wanted to travel the world, play with kids, help others, sleep in huts, hear the stories of others. then, i realized i was one of few. God made me that way. he made me willing and fearless. [although i still was very fearful of the shots needed]

all this being said, this process is not easy. its not easy to not care about where the money is going to come from. its not easy to just simply trust. as of right now i must purchase my plane ticket this weekend. as of right now i do not have enough money for it. but, im going to have to trust.

this is where the small miracles have been occuring. yesterday, someone found me a flight that was 300 dollars cheaper than what i was expecting. thats huge. while corresponding with the person, i told her she was part of a miracle.

here is another example. a year ago this week i ran in the knoxville marathon. i was very sick and around mile 20 i had a panic attack [could not breath, could not walk, embarassing i know]. that is when i met my good friend javier. he is an older gentleman who is a maniac marathoner, meaning he runs a whole lot of marathons each year. i have such respect for that man. through the last six miles, my friend stephanie and i shared stories with javier and he wanted to finish the race with us. ever since then, we have been friends. we have kept in contact through email and letters. javier called steph and i angels and he thanks God for placing us in his life. what a gem. javier just sent me money for africa. this man that i met for 6.2 miles a year ago this week wants to help me get to africa. miracle.

so here's to having to trust, struggle, and pray.
here's to africa.

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